Plea to the President to fight against the unemployed

Plea to the President to fight against the unemployed

Plea to the President to fight against the unemployed – A helping hand to the laid off With the sluggish fight against the unemployed youth in the unemployment rate, an increasingly large number of people in the US are spending their lives without any kind of jobs and salaries. While Congress seems to have forgotten about the unemployed, Ed Schultz is rather taking notice of the damage that is being done to the mass of unemployed people within the nation. This is no longer a Tier 5 issue but it is something that involves the unemployed as Congress doesn’t seem to agree to push forward H.R 4213 that contains the unemployment extension legislation.

According to reports, Ed Schultz sent part of this program where he mainly spoke about the long-term unemployed people. He had interviewed a Congressional advocate of the unemployed and then he also spoke with Rob C, who is someone involved with long-term unemployment issues for a couple of months and has also been in contact with the Ed Show regarding such issues related to the unemployed and their lifestyle.

It was Rob C who mentioned in the radio program meant for the long-term unemployed that a group of them have written a letter to President Barack Obama that asks the President to take certain actions to extend unemployment benefits for all those who have exhausted the benefits.

The letter represented some hard facts and figures that proved that there’s a need for a Tier 5 extension benefit. This particular group is asking the Representative Jim McDermott to deliver the letter to President Barack Obama on behalf of all those who are long term unemployed to fight against the unemployed.

McDermott is the Chairman of the House Ways and Means Committee and he held a hearing of the long-term unemployment crisis. The huge group of unemployed people is all hoping that Rep. McDermott will show enough courage to deliver the message to the President since he has first-hand knowledge of how the long term unemployed are actually suffering due to no jobs and salary.

As the Senate has been extremely ineffectual in handling and passing the unemployment legislation, this is important that the long term unemployed have a particular avenue where they can easily express their needs and wants. This step has been taken by Ed Schultz in order to help the unemployed class of people to live up to the expectations of the entire nation. They should also have the right to live life in the best way possible.