Quick and simple explanation of what SEO means to Dentist

You may hear people talking about SEO, but what does ‘SEO happy’ mean that everyone is speaking about. SEO is an acronym ‘Search Engine Optimization’. As a dentist, you may wonder what good is this discipline to me and how does it affect my business.

SEO means people can find you when they need a dentist

Keeping things simple, we talk about how important it is that your dental practice has a presence on the internet, if your site is ‘SEO happy’, you increase your visibility online so that people can find you when they need a dentist.

Going to a party in a suit of invisibility makes little sense. No one will see you or interact with you; it becomes very difficult to make friends. The same happens if you do not have a good foundation of SEO; you’re invisible.

Optimize your web search

Now we know why SEO plays an important part of your practices marketing strategy, there are many techniques that Google will consider when ranking your website. These require hard work and dedication to strive to appear in the top results of Google.

Overall we optimize our web page for Google to recognize us as an authority in the dental marketing field, with original and interesting content and using keywords that potential clients may type into Google search. It’s important to ensure that the content on your web page is best suited to the type of patients you want to attract. Google aims to offer the most relevant internet pages, which have the most visits to websites that answer search queries requested by potential new patients. The aim is to make your practice website appear in the top results.

There’s another side to SEO which people DON’T often talk about

On the other hand, it’s important that not only do we provide our potential clients with great content; we must have a good reputation online too through what is so-called ‘Off site SEO’. It’s important that other websites and blogs talk about you and include links to your website, take notice of your social network channels, try and become influential to followers not only from your website, but also from others.

This is just a brief explanation of what is a highly complex discipline which is constantly changing. Google changes it algorithm regularly and it’s important to keep updated to ensure it doesn’t affect your SEO, what’s the point of having a website if you’re invisible.

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