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Responsive Website: SEO Benefits of Responsive Web Design

Responsive website is today critical to any business. Mobile search has nowadays a growing importance within the digital marketing industry. As we use mobile devices to access the internet, from smartphones to tablets including Apple’s IPad and Microsoft Surface, helping people to access the internet whilst on the go.

To ensure the user has a good experience whilst visiting your website, this one has to be easily found by search engines, have a quick respond to requests and have up-to-date content that is well organized and maintained. This means your mobile website has to be a responsive website to be ready to react to search queries.

Responsive website is critical to SEO

You may think search terms and key-phrases have to be shortened for mobile devices, because of their small screens and the difficulty to use their keyboards. However, due to voice recognition, the length of mobile search queries has increased. Short quick searches (short-tail) are still being used on PCs but not as often being typed into mobile devices; this is simply because queries are spoken into the handset. This makes it much simpler to search for longer sentences and form exact questions (long-tail).

Keeping in mind that searches on mobile devices have recently overtaken PC searches, it’s important to use both long-tail and short-tail phrases where appropriate to maximise the potential of reaching a high-ranking page position in the search engines if your website is an optimized and responsive website.

Responsive sites are crucial but just not enough

It is unfortunately not enough to only have a responsive website to get to the top positions in search engines such as google. As most mobile users are also impatient; a quick response to a search query that returns relevant content on a fast loading website is crucial. The responsive website has also to be easy to read and have a good intuitive navigation for users to have a good experience whilst visiting it.

This optimises the foundation structure of all of our websites, which are also responsive. We optimise the content of our responsive website for both long-tail and short-tail keyword phrases, this results in mobile-friendly website maximising their potential. We ensure that our websites are developed for effectiveness on both a PC and mobile devices incorporating SEO for both platforms.

You can check if your website is a responsive website using Google’s development page: Go Mobile.