Social media for businesses – Getting Started

social media for business

I would like to share some interesting advices and tips on how to start using social media in a business to get valuable customers.  

Creating a Knowledge Base

It is important to have an entry point for your customers and Facebook is exactly the social media for that purpose. If you’ve just started you will find yourself with social media pages, channels or communities with no followers and so of course no activity. This is the time to investigate other pages related to your industry and gets a knowledge database of what interest the community the most. What get most shared and commented, what strategy of approach other businesses using to improve their social media… It is very important to build a different knowledge database in the diverse social media as they all have different audiences.

Generates noise, make them talk about your company or your services

There is no better and more effective tool than Twitter to generate that noise, that stream of conversation, but you need to use it wisely and get to the correct audience.

This is what I suggest:

  • Start with the basic web interface basis Twitter to get followers and building trust.
  • Identify a hashtag related to your services or company that you can use in all your tweets.
  • Once you feel comfortable with the concept of Twitter, it’s time to look at third party tools to help you organize information, schedule tweets, key research issues, and participate in conversations. I recommend Hootsuite as your user interface and something like a Tweepi to help build a fan base.
  • Once you’re using third-party tools you can use TweetDeck to integrate key messages in all social platforms (there are many tools who say they can integrate your message across all social platforms, but instead of helping they generate more confusion. Our advice is that, at first, do it all in a simple manual way).

Some general tips for social media

  • Use the same avatar on all social platforms, having a real person picture means more trust from your audience.
  • Make quality tweets regularly is better than a lot of tweets in a short period of time.
  • If this article was related to a personal account I would not give you this approach, but because we dealing with a business account then we encourage you to use the general rule, which is that if you follow someone on Twitter, make sure they follow you as well to start building your fan community. It is usually easy when dealing with an audience interested or involved in the same or similar industry.
  • Join the conversations with other people – not only send messages / tweets with your own content. It is exactly like starting in a new job. You need to socialize and get to know the community.
  • Getting followers take time – be patient.
  • If people Re-Tweet your post go the extra-mile and thank them for it (some people tend to wait until the end of the week to do it and express gratitude to 5/6 people at once). This way they would probably re-tweet you again in the future.

Social media for Business

Diversify your audience. Consider using other social platforms. Some of the other social platforms you should consider are:


If you don’t have a video, go ahead and create an interesting fun but short video after creating your YouTube account and upload it. Use your Facebook, Twitter and other platforms to raise awareness of your video. Remember, YouTube is the second most used search engine in the world.


This is also a very powerful medium for the exchange of messages or presentations. Go ahead and create and share your Powerpoint in Slideshare, It is indeed an amazing platform to get fast awareness. Slideshare also has its own social network with Facebook integration.


Currently it is much more than a tool of labor resources. With more than 100,000,000 professional people, it is now a valuable community to expand your business. Participate in communities that are related to your industry, began to participate in conversations and build trust. Having done all that you can start your “advertisement” in these communities. It will be very useful to try to build a good relationship with the Community Manager, as he/she is the responsible for the community, and is the only one who can kick you if “you advertise” your products.

There are literally hundreds of different tools and social platforms. Do not panic! Start small; gradually creating your community of followers and most importantly, get involved in conversations with people. After all, it is with people you will build a business relationship, not with the tools.

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