Suicide and Bullying

Suicide and Bullying

In this article about suicide and bullying, as a reader, I will ask you to express your opinion, your vision of the theses that I will bring forward from the ascertainable reality. Ask to actively participate in a debate also be found with respect to both civil tackling bullying and how the behavior of both the victim and the offender can be pre-determined preventive affected and what is needed for solutions.

All over the world bullying as desirable, not good and found objectionable.

An example of the extent to which, and the effects caused by bullying: in The Netherlands one has calculated how much economic damage it causes there are about 650,000 employees in the workplace are bullied which 100,000 extreme which half of the bullies are superior.

The damage caused by bullying is estimated at 1.5 Billion Euros annually.

Revenues from the Dutch government 248 billion euros per year. Spending 267 billion euros, which will include 37 billion for education, Justice 10.4 billion, 7.5 billion euros for Defence. Then 1.5 billion economic loss caused by bullying, in other words, a fifth of the budget of defense from the Netherlands!

For the Netherlands, the number of children being bullied at school estimated at 350,000. In Belgium, according to the Minister of Education 1 in 4 children severely bullied at school … Not counting all the other forms of bullying, including cyber bullying makes that many children in Belgium and the Netherlands mental suffering bullying.This is given so many bullied children who see no way out, causing an increase in suicides with bullying as the cause.

Writer of this article in communication with the specialist regarding bullying in Belgium Prof G. Deboutte, from the University of Antwerp, chairman of a network of ten organizations against bullying at school would not have said that in Belgium there are around the million victims of bullying (children and adults). He indicated such rate not to mention in our publications and connected it to not want to work with us?

Laten over aan de lezer wat de oorzaak is van het negeren van de eenvoudig vaststelbare werkelijkheid en daaruit conclusies te trekken. Want wie kan rekenenen komt zeker aan dit aantal, zeker een miljoen slachtoffers van pesten op 11 miljoen inwoners. Inzicht is een belangrijk element op weg naar verandering. Wat leidt mensen, deskundigen tot het ontkennen van de realitieit ?

Leave to the reader what is the cause of ignoring the simple verifiable facts and draw conclusions.For who can count this number is definitely, definitely a million victims of bullying at 11 million inhabitants. Understanding what is happening in which numbers things are happening are a key element towards change. What leads people, experts in denying the reality?

However, victims of bullying enough to pull that bullying is a serious common social and personal problem, meanwhile established culture, which everyone directly or indirectly is the victim of the growing problem what bullying is. After all the bullying is a violation of human rights and children’s rights by affecting the physical and psychological integrity of children and adults. Does is not belong to the state to ensure the psychical and physical integrity and well-being of all its citizens? Are the law, control, enforcement, approach, justice, care sufficient ?

Exact figures about the relationship between bullying and suicide are hard to find in Europe for although there is a real bullying epidemic, given the many victims of bullying. Where are the in-depth investigations? If they are, how come they not be public? Figures about suicide, but then not specified by age. The amount of suicide in children is apparently perceived as shameful as failures.

It is especially the Anglo-Saxon countries that are more open when it comes to crime-related behavior. There are figures available, however, do not focus on how many suicides as a result of bullying. It remains to general statements such as America, but again unspecified to suicides by bullying.

A study subject notes

Suicide is the third leading cause of death among young people, resulted in about 4,400 deaths per ting year, according to the CDC Bully victims are between 2 to 9 times more likely to consider suicide than non-victims, accordion thing to studies by Yale University For the UK you: A study in Britain found at least half or That suicides among young people are related to bullying But then again no figures to find out how many young people commit suicide.

A British study indicates that half of all suicides occur in young people from bullying.

But figures for the number of children who commit suicide will not mention again. Quote: “Suicide is the second biggest cause of death worldwide among 15-19 year olds in Britain”. Quote from the CDS examination.

It is clear that there is a taboo on the relationship between bullying and suicide to understand how the extent to which that gives rise to bullying suicide clarity.This includes shame and gnawing conscience because so much is powerless against such a violence and still no effective approach and legislation is available.

In giving a place of bullying in our society to develop from there an appropriate approach is to find a way parallel behavior.

Is any bullying since comparable to terrorism?

Bullying has several similarities. Like practice terror on victims. As it is difficult to combat terrorism is not to eradicate this also applies to bullying. Both make victims who suffer their whole lives under what they have experienced. Terrorism is itself a severe lethal form of bullying: terrorize the people to feel mighty and powerful, gives status. However, bullying and terrorism leads both to deaths, directly and indirectly.

Are the bully and the terrorist no carrier of the same psycho-and sociopathy?

Anyone for various reasons find that bullying can not. But what is clear that in the same world, around the globe ? That there is no comprehensive and adequate legislation to prevent bullying and to thoroughly tackle as it takes place and has taken place and the victims need that recovery has fully reimbursed, adequately and in time it takes

The latest research of Dr. William Copeland, of Duke University in New Carolina among 1200 victims of bullying, followed, which 20 years shows that many victims of bullying never to get rid of those traumatic experiences. It was found that the bullying gives a trauma for life by many victims of bullying.

The researchers also found that the impact in terms of mental and physical wellbeing of victims of bullying as severe and prolonged as victims of sexual violence.

In America, when a bully follow therapy he is not criminally prosecuted any more !

In Europe, we hardly see prosecutions and complaints of bullying compared to the fearsome high numbers of victims. For example, in the Netherlands which 650,000 bullied in the workplace will follow only 225 complaints to the competent authorities. Cause can be found in the fact there certain harmful conduct associated with the bullying in the Netherlands can not be prosecuted.This itself mentions the Dutch Police on their website on the page about bullying?

In America, the bullies can, as it were in court the prosecution “surrenders” to barter for monitoring therapy? There are States in America which the maximum penalty is 90 days in prison despite that suicide was committed at the hands of the bullying.

Based on scientific research showing that a perpetrator of bullying tends to psycho and or sociopathy, or the person who already has this madness. So this person no longer criminally prosecute seems weakness regarding to society and the victims. Because this formula can therefore be applied to any physical and psychological violence crime, even when the victim is death ?

Would it not be wise and reasonable that treatment should be mandatory by violence committed crimes with serious consequences for the victims, together with a criminal serious conviction with a part of the suspended sentence?

As the existing legislation and case law now in most countries around the world, contributes paradoxical that the psyco-social cancer that bullying continues to spread and further get embedded in our culture. As in America, after committing a violent crime what bullying is you get of with mental health treatment, what they should have before the facts. In the Netherlands forms of bullying are simply allowed, etc.. What is the deterrence of these that bullying should cry a halt?

I would like you as a reader to put your comments, your views on this.

In a subsequent article I will talk about the second part in the context of preventing suicide through bullying, through preventive measures and actions. How the behavior of both the victim and the offender can be pre-determined preventive affected and what is needed.

Which I will ask you again to respond to this article with your observations, criticisms and ideas, and how it is in your country with tackling bullying in schools, businesses, legislation, application, any figures what reality shows about bullying.