Social Media Shake-up

primate ape thinking

Social media is playing a big role in any digital marketing strategy today, and that trend will continue to grow in 2018. We are about to experience quite a few events that will shape the social media marketing industry.

The end of the year is always the perfect time to look to the future and predict trends that will influence the social media industry’s behaviour.

Facebook for example will most likely further entrench itself as the leading social media channel for marketers due to a combination of different types and configurations of ad formats, a huge active user base and unprecedented targeting options.

At the other side, Twitter will continue to struggle as it undergoes an inevitable transformation from a traditional micro social media channel into a more news-oriented platform.

Instagram is the new black! … and it will continue to be a favorite among celebrities, lifestyle, clothing and travel brands (just to name a few).

LinkedIn has been making some major UX, design and functionality strides in 2017, going from an old-fashion boring B2B social media hub to a more attractive, easy and cool interactive social media platform. It is quite possible it will finally become a popular choice in 2018, especially for B2B brands targeting certain types of group of people.