Top 6 social media and their benefits for businesses

social media

Social Media is the key for Businesses who hope to strengthen their customer relationships in an attractive way.

But there are so many social platforms that can be tedious and overwhelming to maintain every each of them.

The best alternative is to have an active participation in social networks that can be to great help to your specific business. But to be able to do that we need to study the different social medias and their functions, group of people, type of audience and their interest before making that decision.

Let’s investigate each of the 6 most important social Medias and categorize which term of businesses they would provide best results.

1. Facebook

Facebook is by far the biggest social network in the world:


Facebook has over 800 million active users, men and women in similar proportions, With facebook you will not only be reaching younger generations but also middle-age audiences 35-54 of which 67% have an income between € 18,000 and € 55,000.

Facebook is Suitable for Magazines, News, Blogs, Entertainment, Sport, Communities and other social focused businesses. It could also provide good results for corporations with fun and community based approach. Remember Facebook is a place for entertainment.  Many companies have done great success with small fun games or appealing images that get quickly shared between the communities resulting in a great amount of followers.

Suitable for:

  • Generate more dynamic relationships with customers, detailed updates and can use their profiles as extensions of their websites.
  • Building a brand with the Facebook community, using various applications, such as small games, fun pictures…
  • Monitor the activity of the company page, through Facebook Insights, to get feedback on what content to have better reception (likes and comments).
  • Easy and scope for networking.

2. LinkedIn

LinkedIn is a professional network that facilitates finding new clients and professionals and facilitates relationships with influential brand for the company.


LinkedIn now has over 135 million active users, of which 59% are male and 41% female. Most of your audience is between 25-34 years, followed by those between 35-54 years.

LinkedIn is suitable for Businesses and corporations. This is a place where most of the audiences are professionals. This social media is perfect for Organizations, Online stores, Web based businesses, Online and Offline marketing. It is also a perfect place to easily get contact with the right audience for your businesses. Remember this social media is professional and the language of use should be as such.

Suitable for:

  • Find new customers and facilitate relationships with influential brand for the company.
  • Create circles of contacts which integrate qualified professionals and industry experts.
  • Introduce the company and obtain relevant information about it through questions to different groups that can be created.

3. Google+

Google+ works in a similar way to Facebook, allowing brands to interact dynamically with users, but this platform can enable them to manage the content to specific users, giving greater prominence to the messages. It is not an easy to use social media, you really need to be persistent and focused on the right community in order to benefit your business. It goes without saying that many businesses that know how to use this media have had incredible success.

Google+ is also an indispensable media for search engine optimization. G+ is owned by Google and off course in order to improve your business web ranking and positioning you need to make google happy by sharing your content in their social media.


G + is still relatively new, most users are male (63%) compared with women (37%). The audience is significantly lower than those of other social networks, most are between 18-34 years. Bloggers are usually the dominant group category of this interesting and fast growing social media.

Suitable for:

  • Doing business with young consumers, initial users.
  • Create social interactions via directed circles.
  • Improve website web positioning and ranking, faster indexing in google.

4. Twitter

This network now has over 200 million active users, and is excellent for generating conversations between brands and followers in just 140 characters.


Most Twitter users are women (62%), male (38%). 71% of users are between 25 and 54 years and 63% of users earn between € 18,000 and € 55,000. It is a most have for almost all businesses in order to get contact with diverse groups of audiences. You need to follow the accurate hash tag related to your business and keep yourself updated about the quick approaching trends associated to your business.

Suitable for:

  • Companies that do not have much time but want to stay connected.
  • Find out what community is saying about your business or terms related to your industry, allowing direct response to customer concerns, criticisms, and promote products, provide customer service, market research, etc.

5. Pinterest

A virtual whiteboard that allows users to “hang” photos, links, etc., and organize. Other users can like, comment and share.


The popularity of this site has exploded, receiving in only one week of Dec. 11 million views, forty times the number of visits six months earlier. Most users are female (83%) and 70% of users earn € between 18,000 and € 55,000. This social media is different from the traditional covered ones. With the correct approach and interesting content you will find yourself getting a lot of traffic to your business through this media. The audiences of this social media are mostly of creative character and best results it when providing innovative and creative content.

Suitable for:

  • Earn exposure for products, particularly those products whose designs are creative, because every post needs a photo.
  • Business with visual merchandise that allows users to engage with the brand and industry.

6. YouTube

We all know Google is the largest search engine, but do you know which is the second largest search engine? Is it Yahoo or Bing? Could it possibly be Facebook? It’s none of the three. The answer is YouTube. Thanks to blogs and video tutorials, this video sharing platform has become instrumental in attracting consumers. It works for all kind of businesses and could provide a great success. Many businesses got internationally known using this media. Make your video short, fun and informative! You never know when your video become a trending topic 😉


This site has similar proportions of women and men, but more segmented by age 45-54 (30%), 35-44 (22%) and 25-34 (18%).

Suitable for:

  • Businesses whose products can be promoted in a better way through tutorials and demonstrations.
  • Brands that produce and benefit from quality videos.

Well, we can conclude by saying that most of the businesses will benefit from all of these social medias as every each of these 6 mentioned above works differently, but by studying your type of business and the audience group you would like to get in touch with some of the social media may be more beneficial and deserve additional focus. Use this information to choose Social Media services that best suit your company.