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men are different

Ladies… Men are different!

Ladies! the answer is simple, men are different! Why are you taking advice about your relationships and your men from the likes of Cosmo and Marie-Claire? These are written by women who know nothing about men!

Is cheating unforgivable

Is cheating unforgivable?

Although every woman asked made it clear that she could never take a cheater back (they even give that whole “once a cheater…” spiel), it seems that actions speak much louder than words.

The extinction of men

The extinction of men

In Nature’s scheme of things, male and female are complimentary to each other. This fact is observable in animal world where there is no conflict between male and female and they serve Nature’s purpose.

man in style

Men who share too much

We all profess to want a man who will share, but be careful what you wish for ladies! We have all read about men liking a little mystery, how short skirts and low tops are very titillating, but the sexiest women are the ones who leave a little to the imagination.