Tangier top industrial city and tourism destination

Tangier is aiming to build a top industrial city as well as becoming a tourism destination. A whole new marina, cable car, 5 stars hotels, luxury shopping malls, Kasbah (old town) renovation, high speed train (TGV), Tramway, industrial free zones, industry and fishing ports, new universities, hospitals, theaters, museums, sport centers…

tangier city mall

Tangier is experiencing a full transformation to become one of the top industrial cities and tourism destinations in the world.

Tangier Marina

Upon entry into service in 2020, the future marina will become an urban center of attraction in itself. In the medium term, it provides the establishment of a large accommodation capacity with several hotels for a total of 1,600 beds. This equipment will be supplemented by a congress with a capacity of 1,500 seats, the result of the reconversion of old halls, and a museum on an area of 15,000 m2.

To make Tangier enter into future, a mission of more than 26 billion dirhams. Cable cars, ferries, 5 star hotels, green parks, shopping centers, fast TGV …

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From 2020, the international city should be totally unrecognizable thanks to mega-projects currently under construction. And it the project of restoring the historic old medina which promises to be the most … enchanted.

tangier med port

In fact, this old dream is behind schedule since the launch of Tangier Med port project in 2002. But it was not until February 2010 that it began to take shape with the establishment of the Development Corporation for the redevelopment of the Port of Tangier (SAPT).

tangier fish port

Today, the work of conversion of the historic port is already happening It started with a first tranche of completion of the marina. On it entry into service in 2020, the future port will become an urban center of attraction in itself. Indeed, in addition to the fishing port which is located west of the present port, Tangier city in her new dress also intends to modernize the business passenger. The terminal will be upgrading and modernized with three dedicated terminals for fast ferries.

Tanger kasbah

In terms of ground equipment, the project does not demerit. In the medium term, it provides an establishment of a large accommodation capacity with several hotels for a total of 1,600 beds. This equipment will be supplemented by a congress with a capacity of 1,500 seats, the result of the conversion of old halls, and a museum on an area of 15,000 m2. In addition, the project will dedicate 30 hectares of public spaces including several public places for hosting cultural activities, associations or festive.

There are also plans of development and construction of areas of commerce and entertainment, an area of 42,000 m2, including a large shopping center on an area of 15,000 m2.

The project includes, in addition, the development and construction of residential and business offices of about 130,000 square meters.

cable car

In addition, the establishment of a cable system will provide a direct connection between the city center (place Faro), the marina, the new fishing port and the Kasbah. This investment would be the first of its kind to be developed in Morocco, to pleasure visitors of the city.

tangier Kasbah

Investment is up to the project. In its announcement, it was planned to invest 6.2 billion dirhams for the reconstruction of the port’s infrastructure. Most of the investments will be conducted by the Sapt. The company has a capital of 600 million dirhams. It will be divided between the government with 225 million dirhams and the Hassan II Fund for the same amount. 50 million DH will be injected under the participation of the ANP and 25 million dirhams from the Northern Agency.

tangier new fish port

To complete the round, the council of the city of Tangier will participate with 75 million dirhams granted from the Ministry of Interior.

Tanger Tangier TGV

The railway revolution Another mega project that will reach Tangier in 2017 is the high-speed train, TGV. The TGV is expected to revolutionize rail travel in Morocco for connecting Tangier with Casablanca in 2 hours and 10 minutes.

This project will provide a quality response to the growing international traffic between Tangiers and Casablanca, which has grown by 70% between 2002 and 2009. Estimates of ONCF, more than 6 million travellers will be able to use it in its first year of service. The project, with a significant investment of over 20 billion dirhams, should also support the economic development of the region and release the transport capacity on existing routes to meet demand for rail freight generated by the Port of Tangier Med.

Note that the budget needed for this project has already been mobilized. Several financing agreements were signed in Tangier. Similarly, the first rolling stock orders were signed with French Alstom for $ 4.4 billion DH.

Tanger Renault

How Renault transformed the North city! With a surface an area of 770 ha, specially designed to accommodate employees and expatriate executives of Renault, is now fully functional in the city of Tangier. Renault had the effect of a magic wand over the entire northern region.

Beyond the positive figures this giant company have produced, the proposed Renault Melloussa is today a real catalyst for the local economy. First at the industrial level, the manufacturer has multiple suppliers of virtually all chose to settle in Morocco for greater efficiency. This is the case of several companies such Snop Dunois, specializing in stamping of small metal parts, which settled at the TFZ, or Visteon, U.S. equipment, which is being installed in Tetouan.

The company plays also an extremely important role in employment, rekindling hope among many young people of the region and even beyond. Eventually, the number of job openings at the French manufacturer is 6,000 direct jobs and over 30,000 additional indirect jobs. This induces the arrival of expatriates of Renault which has helped to boost the rental market.

Morocco ChrafatePending the establishment of the green city’s Chrafate (770 ha), located a short distance from the Renault industrial establishment should accommodate most of the employees of this factory and much of its officers, this mega industrial and ambition of the government to make this region a logistics Mediterranean platform have totally transformed the White City. The proposed transshipment of Tanger Med port. The rank of the Morocco port is of first class choice and giving a hard match to its competitors such as Ceuta and Algeciras.

tangier socco alto

The development model is driven by Tangier infrastructure. Whatever the importance of the sea, it does not shade the other projects. Motorway, TGV, new investments in tourism infrastructure … Tangier emerges from its chrysalis and promises to become a tourist destination resort … very promising.

tangier beach walk

The projects are moving rapidly ahead The white city is building “intelligently”. Many places will be restored, others newly created to maintain that lifestyle of Andalusia, with the inevitable Paseo (promenade) in the late evening. In Tangier, investments abound and the pace of change continues at a nice pace.

Tangier Tanger cornicheA new face for the cornice in Tangier will host hotels of 4 and 5 star, 800 apartments, a professional ensemble with trays of various sizes of offices and a shopping center and leisure.

This investment is to swell the ranks of 50 billion DH already invested in the White City just to the year of 2010. Amount injected mainly in infrastructure port, railway and motorway, which will make the region centered and even more accessible.

The primary investment but also in importance is the project to reconvert the port of Tangier city. Presented in December 2009, this mega-project, which has a total budget of 6.2 billion dirhams, aims to completely transform the historic port of Tangier and make it one of the most modern in the kingdom .

tanger aqua park mnar park

The tourism side, the harvest is equally successful, with a budget of nearly 1.5 billion DH investments for almost the entire northern region. One of the projects will benefit the pristine beaches of Oued Lau.

It is in this place little frequented by tourists as the company Primera Playa Vista will set up a marina and residential units for a total investment of around 790 million dirhams. The overall tourist capacity of this project is 800 beds. In Larache, the society Siyaha 12, a subsidiary of the investment fund Asset Invest ‘plans to undertake the completion of a hotel unit in the new resort of Lixus, with a capacity of 250 beds for an investment of around DH 254 million. And of course, tourism is primarily in Tangier in which the Ramada brand has taken up residence for the construction of a hotel of 3 stars.

Started in 2010, the work, conducted by the company Pearl One, a subsidiary of Kuwaiti Taamer are well underway as part of an investment of 200 million dirhams.

The White City was in this spirit, undertaken to restore the palace Tazi. A project which is operated by Moroccan law firm ‘Merqab’, whose capital is owned by Qatari investors. The latter is expected to generate 200 permanent jobs for a total investment of 450 million dirhams. The palace is on the edge of a vast garden of nearly 3 acres.