The Best SEO Tools for 2015

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SEO-related tools and SEO itself are constantly evolving, which means this page will be constantly updated with new and interesting information regarding SEO.

Looking for the most suitable SEO Tools for you?

In fact, I will never be able to answer that question accordingly, since it all depends on your project specifications and your budget. But during our journey together I will try to cover all the different SEO tools for the different needs.

There are hundreds of services and applications and, of course, I have not tried them all. But I did try a good number of them, so I will try to save you time and money listing some of the best free SEO tools out there, explaining why I use and recommend some of them.

As an SEO specialist, you must have a portfolio with your regular applications, a set of tools that facilitate your work and helps you understand the different parameters related to the state of the indexing site analysis to define strategies, keywords and/or the different aspects and recommendations to optimise the design of the web.

Below you can find 16 apps that I think all SEO marketers should use, all free or on a trial basis.

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1. Multipurpose Tools for SEO

  • Semalt: Powerful and easy to use tool to monitor keyword positioning in multiple countries. It has a free version.
  • Advance Web Ranking: one of the best applications, with many parameters to control. It has a trial version 30 days.
  • Traffic Travis: excellent, especially for errors in web pages. Free trial.
  • Market Samurai: very powerful, especially for analysing keywords and for brainstorming. Trial of 14 days, more than enough for a study of the most appropriate keywords.

2. Competitive Analysis

  • Calculate PageRank: one of the best applications online to know the PageRank that Google attributed to a website.
  • MozBar: A simple bar that is installed in the browser and lets us know the mozRank (measuring the popularity of a website, an alternative to PageRank). Interesting for analysis of competition of a specific niche . Available in both versions of Chrome and Firefox browsers.

3. Keywords

  • Google Trends allows us, among other functions, the evolution in time of certain keywords, to know their seasonal nature, if they are fashionable …
  • Übersuggest: to analyse the suggested searches by Google, organised alphabetically…
  • Keyword Density Analyser: to study the density of keywords on a web page.
  • Snippet Optimization Tool: Allows preview how your page will appear in Google searches.

4. Duplicate Content

  • Virante: online tool to detect duplicate content on the web.

5. Web Analytics

  • Webmaster Tools, Google´s powerful application to control parameters of SEO, add xml sitemaps of a page…
  • Google Analytics, offers varied information on our web traffic, origin, acquisition …

6. Speed page load

  • PageSpeed nsight: Google application to measure the load time of a web page.
  • WebPagesTest: Provide the same purpose as above, but adds more information and recommendations.
  • Pingdom: Fastest and most accurate tool to measure the load time of a web page.
  • GTmetrix: As above but provides more details, recommendations and you can also compare a web page to another URL.

7. Analysis of BackLinks

  • Ahrefs: application online to study external links to a web page. Lets you compare up to 5 pages at a time.
  • Open Site Explorer: available free version (limited) or payment. Excellent tool for analyzing the structure of backlinks from the competition.

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