The Impact of Web Hosting on SEO

The Impact of Web Hosting on SEO

What is the impact of web hosting on SEO? Will some web hosting providers deliver better SEO results for your website, and if so… why and how does web hosting providers impact the overall website ranking on search engines?

Given that search engines tend to shroud the details of their ranking algorithms in mystery, there is much debate with regards the most important ranking factors. Web hosting is one of those factors that has drawn a lot of discussion over the years.

The Impact of Web Hosting on SEO in 3 ways.

The first, and least significant, is server location. Accounts and tests suggest that the location of your web hosting server can impact your ranking in that country. Though this seems to have been true in the past, there is increasing evidence that the location of your web host has very little impact on your overall ranking, as does the domain name suffix you use. The most decisive factor in ranking for specific locations is and always will be content and language-specific keywords.

Web hosting does, however, have an impact on SEO. The second means through which web hosting is of influence is uptime, which can be a vital factor. When Google bots crawl and assess your site, they do so multiple times, often multiple times in the same day. If your website is down, the ‘Google spiders’ will register it and skip your site. If your web hosting server is down often, your website could be flagged as unreliable by Google’s algorithm, Having a web hosting service that has a 99% uptime is vital.

The final way in which web hosting impacts SEO is the loading time of your website. Ideally, your website should load fully in under 5 seconds. Websites that load slower are disadvantaged in the rankings. Your choice of web hosting can have an important influence on the loading speed of your website, so it is always important to make sure that you are hosted on a powerful and reliable server.

Finding good web hosting for SEO

Finding good web hosting is not particularly difficult. The large competition in the web hosting market has increased the standards and decreased the costs over the years, making quality web hosting available to practically everyone. Though the overall impact of your choice in web hosting is up for discussion, it is useful to get a powerful and reliable host. Speed and reliability websites do have an impact on SEO… as you may understand, nobody wants a slow or unreliable website.