Can money buy happiness?

Can money buy happiness?

It is believed by many that a person can be happy when he has enough money, basically speaking, money can bring people happiness. Well there are some sections of people who do not believe so. You have to know that there are different people with different mindsets who do not know the real meaning of happiness and so they are not able to know how to utilize the money. Below a list with the 10 reasons money could or not buy people happiness.

1. Helps to strengthen your bonds with family and friends

With money you can buy gifts for your family and friends. You can also buy a plane ticket for your close members and you would feel that you have become very happy after gifting such a wonderful gift.  There is no reason why you cannot get happiness from the money that you spent for the ticket or any gift.

2. Getting luxurious items

You can get to buy luxurious items from the market or even online like iPod, Mp3 players, Playstation and so on. You would be much happier when you get those items for yourself from the market. So getting a luxurious item for you can give lots of happiness in your life and your life would be filled with excitement.

3. Getting a healthy lifestyle

When you have enough money then you can buy anything ranging from a new house to a costly car. You would also be able to feel quite independent and as it is your cash so you would be able to spend according to your wish. There is nothing more than getting a healthy lifestyle for you and your family.

4. Keeping yourself healthy and fit

You would also be able to remain quite fit and healthy as you can hit the nearest multi gym. Nowadays multi gym charges a lot of money for its membership and unless you have enough money you cannot think of getting admitted to the gym and keep yourself healthy.

5. Travel across the world

Don’t you want to travel around the world? Well this answer would be different for different person. A person who has lots of money would always try to travel in his or her lifetime. This would in turn give him lots of happiness and he or she would feel at the top of the world. Unless you have money you cannot even dream of going abroad.

6. No worries about any form of debts

There are many people who do not have enough money and they try to borrow some money from their friends. Still their conditions worsen and they cannot return their debts that they owe to them. If you have enough money then you would not have to worry about borrowing any money from others.

7. Money relieves stress

The main reason behind a person in stress in money and this leads you to go tensed in your life as you cannot pay your electricity bills or monthly installments for your two or four wheeler on time. On the other hand having a lot of money would relieve these sort of stress from your mind and you can enjoy a stress free life.

8. Enjoy life to the fullest

If you have good amount of money then you can enjoy your life to the fullest without having to worry about anything. You would be able to maintain a good life ahead and you can do whatever you wish to do and achieve your dreams. It can also help you to enjoy good marital life without any problems in finance.

9. Invest in stock market

You can also take some risks by investing in the stock market because you would not feel sorry if you lose a small part of your money from your pocket in the shares and stocks. There are also chances that their money gets doubled or even tripled if the stock prices go up in the market where they can get good returns.

10. Money cures

There are instances when you or your family member fall illness or suffer from some major diseases. In order to operate the doctors might give you a long bill where you can pay from you pocket without any second thought. So this also helps you to stay safe in your life.

Thus you have seen that money not only helps you in bringing happiness but it also keeps you safe in life from any unwanted incidents.

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