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If you have researched Twitter, you have probably come across a number of Twitter tips and Twitter lists are the most popular tools. Therefore, here we have put together a list of tips for Twitter lists for you. Before sharing our tips with you, we will explain what a Twitter list is and why you should use them.

What is a Twitter list?

A Twitter list is the long awaited Twitter “groups” feature, one we are already familiar with from Facebook and Google +. You can create a list where you can add people – both people that you follow and people that you do not follow. You can also subscribe to lists that people have created. An important thing to remember though is that tweets from your lists will not show up in your primary feed .

Why should I use Twitter lists?

The main reason why you should use Twitter lists is to become a supernatural tweeter. Twitter lists are one of the most powerful and yet least used features of Twitter. Lists help you organize your Twitter feed and make sure that you will never miss a tweet again. It will also help you to be seen as someone who is always engaging – ultimately a supernatural tweeter.

Now to the superhero part!

We have gathered a selection of tips that will benefit you. This selection is a useful, helpful and effective way of managing your newsfeed and your followers – It will make sure that you will not miss another tweet!

Competitors (keep this one private)

Creating a private list of your competitors will help you keep an eye on your competition and what they publish and share. You will also be able to find inspiration within this list.

Family and friends

Make sure that you will never miss another tweet from your friends or family. A specific list like this removes the clutter from these tweets so that you can easily see what your family and friends are tweeting about.


Make a list of all your co-workers. That way you will keep up to date with the things your co-workers share. This is also a good way to encourage your employers to create a Twitter account.

Specific topics or interests

Creating a list of a specific topic or interest will help you see through all the clutter and only see the tweets regarding that specific interest of your list.

Events and conferences

When hosting or attending events and conferences, Twitter lists are great. This way you can easily find information and news about that specific event. Those who are not able to attend the event will also be able to follow and keep informed.

Accounts you recommend to follow

This list doesn’t have to share a category or interest or anything. This is a list of tweeps you recommend. It is nice for tweeps who follow you to see a list like this, but it is equally great for those who are added to a list like this. Just think about it – Wouldn’t you be happy and feel appreciated if you got a message saying that you had been added to a list called “Social Media Superstars” or “Awesome people”?

Client list (Keep this one private)

Creating a private list of your clients, will help you to keep up with them and see what they are tweeting about.

Leaders or influencers in a specific industry

A list of influencers within a specific industry is great to have. It can become an epic list to go through if you are looking for inspiration or just want to see what they are tweeting about.

You should use twitter lists to gain potential new followers

You probably didn’t think you could gain new followers through Twitter lists – but you can. By keeping this list small (choose around 10 influential people you want to follow you), you can easily keep track of their tweets, allowing you to engage with them through retweets and comments. At some point, they will notice you and follow you. Once that happens, you pass them to another list and can then add a new member to you list.
It is not only about creating lists or adding people to them. Subscribing to lists is also a great idea to keep up with influencers or to see what is happening in a specific sector. / Picture source:

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