Twitter: Get Your Tweets Indexed By Google

The social media and SEO world is constantly changing. Today, what google say is what we all follow. Lately it was announced that Google would start indexing tweets again. In fact and as a result of this, people searching on Google will start seeing tweets as part of their search results.

This opens a new online marketing scope. Immediately, Online marketers from all over the world started to see Twitter as the new tool of better indexing and online market their services, products or content. In fact, an important question for brands became: how do I get Google to index my tweets?

Which tweets are most likely to get indexed by Google and how do I make it well positioned in the search engines?

Well for that I had to do a deep research of what types of tweets are most likely to get indexed by Google, and found that using hashtags is again one of the best methods to achieve best results. Technically speaking, 11% of tweets with hashtags were indexed, compared to 7.4% overall.

Another method that worked well was including an image in tweets. It has long been known that including an image in any social media post and in this case in tweets increases engagement since it draws a user’s attention and shares. Not surprisingly, this increased engagement also is a good signal for Google that the tweet may have high relevance.

Also notably, it looks like @mentions had a negative effect on getting indexed, perhaps because Google considered those posts conversational rather than informational. Only 5% of tweets with @mentions were indexed compared to 7.4% overall.

Finally, Google seems to be starting with a similar methodology for tweet indexing. Basically, the best way to get your tweet indexed is with traditional backlinks to your tweets from other websites. Google’s famous PageRank algorithm has always valued websites with a high number of backlinks since it signals that these websites include good content. The popularity of a tweet is also playing a big role here. Popular tweets are highly to be indexed and highly positioned in Google.

How to get your tweet indexed by Google

So in summary, what should (and shouldn’t) you do to maximize your chances of getting your tweet indexed by Google?

  1. DO include a hashtag
  2. DO include an image
  3. DO link to your tweets from external websites
  4. DON’T include @mentions in your tweets

Changes In Search And Social

It is important to understand the changes on the horizon. Companies that fail to plan ahead will fall behind once the changes go live. so let see the changes below for Twitter and Google.

For Twitter

  • Increased Relevancy In New Channels – By including more content in search, Twitter can expand its relevancy, exposure, and value in Google through real-time content embedded within search results.
  • More New Users – Since going public in 2013 Twitter has struggled with increasing new user signups, and the company hopes this new partnership will increase visibility to new audiences. When tweets appear in search results, users who are not signed into Twitter will be directed to a log in/sign up page in hopes of increasing new user acquisition.
  • Increased Ad Revenue – The log in/sign up pages will feature targeted ads that aim to generate more revenue. Many marketers fear that this new user experience will limit the time spent in Twitter’s news feed where the company currently makes most of its revenue.

For Google

  • Real-Time Value – With direct access to Twitter’s rapid moving content, Google can now include more timely content and can offer users added value in search.
  • Credibility Issues – Twitter is notorious for having issues with fake news stories coming from bots and hackers. Google will need to establish a process to determine the validity of news stories to keep its content credible.
  • Increased Ad Revenue – Google hopes to boost ad revenue with its new partnership by leveraging timely content to produce more relevant ads.


For marketers that keep SEO in mind, Twitter and Google’s renewed partnership holds the potential for a big payoff. Aside from re-engaging current followers, indexing in Google’s search results will also help brands attract new logged out users—an audience that until now has been highly challenging to reach. To aid in this discovery process, it’s up to brands to build their relevance and authority. This way, users will not just be stumbling upon a Tweet, but actually discovering high-quality content.

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