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Twitter news feed becomes more like Facebook

Twitter update gives you a snapshot of that you may missed whilst you were away from the social media network.

A new feature from Twitter called ‘whilst you were away’ now posts tweets which you may have missed instead of live post which it has been famously known for in the past. Twitter’s timeline was chronological, updating with the latest tweets when refreshed.

How does Twitter news feed feature work?

Twitter states “We can use information like who you follow and what you engage with to surface highlights of what you missed and show those to you as soon as you log back in or come back to the app.”

How is this similar to Facebook?

Facebook uses an algorithm that analyses a user’s habits and the results influences what is shown you their news feeds. There has been much discussion recently that this algorithm has too much control and users are being manipulated to view specific posts and are not shown stories which the user may genuinely be interested in.

It seems that Twitter has started to use a similar algorithm which has stirred up some mixed feeling from their users. On the surface it may sound like a good idea, however are they using the same tactics as Facebook to gain control of their users.

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