The golden age of funny cats on internet

Funny cats

The trend of funny cats on internet is growing by the day. Over the last few years we can find funny cats everywhere on the web: article about them, videos, pictures on social media and, why not, even dedicated websites. Reading through this article you will have a clear vision of this subject and you’ll discover why we cannot escape from this invasion.

To understand the present we need to go back to the past. For the Egyptians, the cat was a religious symbol and a holy animal, known as Mau, and they were often mummified with their owners. Cats were subsequently domesticated because they could help hunting mice.  So they were truly loved because of their utility. Though, from another point of view, maybe it was just because of a deep hatred towards mice!

Why you love cats:

We are used to find cats in literature and television (Tom & Jerry, Sylvester). But why are they the most shared animals on social media? These are the reasons:

1. Cats are popular family pets

Cats are very independent and they are happy to live anywhere, however they would prefer to be sitting on your lap or in a warm cozy corner. If they are hungry they can hunt their own food. Honestly, it’s not a huge workload taking care of this lovely pet.

2. They act as human beings

Haven’t you seen your cat sitting on your chair or lazying all over the couch They copy or character, have you noticed if they yawn after you? This is the reason why you already posted your cat’s photo on Facebook.

3. They are good company

Not all of them, but most cats do follow you when you are at home. They are always with us on the couch or in bed with us. The only problem is they decide to lay in the most awkward positions making you uncomfortable while you are sleep…

4. Dog eternal rival

In comparison with a dog, a cat it’s not just the hunter but can be the prey as well, making them more vulnerable in our eyes.

5. Curiosity killed the cat

This is the main point of the article. Most of the cat-material we can see online started with their curiosity. You’ll see them closed in a box or trapped in a beaker. You always have to be ready to immortalize these glorious moments with your smartphone and then, of course, share them on your favorite social media platforms.

Cats on Social Media

This is why you will probably find a huge number of cats every time you visit a social media platform, in every single possible format: memes, videos, animated gifs… After you have watched them you’ll feel more relaxed and you’ll think to yourself: “Ohh so cute! Ohh so funny!”

One of the first rules you learn in web marketing is avoiding the use of kittens. But, while I agree on one side, on the other I think we should probably try and contextualize the use of this type of content…

Nevertheless, one thing is for sure; the use of cats probably won’t make you rich, but it could help bringing traffic to your website. On social media, using a certain type of images can really attract people and, most importantly, you will achieve an emotional reaction and a great part of social media is, after all, connecting emotionally with your audience. Put together these facts and you may think, as I do myself, that the “content is king” statement, originally posed by Bill Gates, should probably be changed to “cat is king”.

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